Chinese Cheaters? Pt. 2

August 18, 2008 chouei

Let me set the record straight. I am a very opinionated person and whether I am sitting in front of a keyboard or discussing an issue with another person, I can get very passionate about my ideals. I am a citizen of the United States where I am entitled to my opinion, as is everyone else, which is why I respect and am open to all feedback whether positive or negative. I just do not tolerate blatant ignorance, especially if you stereotype against a group of people whose culture and traditions are completely different from yours. Unless you truly understand what it is like to live in the other culture, do not generalize them and their culture.

I am not a hippie, nor do I hate the United States, nor am I ashamed of my Chinese heritage. I have very liberal viewpoints because I am from a working-class immigrant family and I was born and raised in San Francisco, arguably the most liberal city in the U.S. I am not anti-corporations because I will be pursuing a career in the corporate world. And to say that I am ashamed of my Chinese heritage is the farthest thing from the truth because I take so much pride in being raised both American and Chinese.

Aren’t the Olympics supposed to be about uniting the world for 2 weeks of friendly competition? I have never seen this much controversy raised during an Olympic games, and most of the issues are blasted against China just because they WERE a Communist nation or maybe merely for the fact that the Chinese culture is just different.

So many issues have arisen from the 2008 games that I feel rather fatigued from listening to the commentators make references to them during the NBC broadcasts every night. It has gotten to the point where I would much rather read the results online before the event is broadcasted in the Pacific Time Zone.

Also, issues that have been circulating on the internet are petty issues and, coming from Americans, hypocritical.

In light of these exciting Games, why are people complaining about “fake” fireworks and a 7-year-old lip-syncing? The United States should be the last country to complain about these things. We are home to “reality shows” that are altered to be more entertaining for the audiences, and well, some of these “reality shows” are not even close to being “real.” The Hills and Keeping Up with the Kardashians are some very “real” shows indeed. But oh dear, “fake” fireworks! Well, that’s just an abomination! And some of the most popular entertainers have been caught lip syncing, i.e. Britney Spears. But if a 7-year-old girl does it, that’s another abomination!

Both the lip-syncer and the actual singer of the opening ceremony have stated that they are honored to take part in the opening ceremony, so why should the rest of the western world be complaining? Because we were deceived into believing it was real? Wake up, America! We are land of the free, plastic surgery, and material wealth.

 Honestly, if the USA gymnastics team won the team gold, there wouldn’t be this much speculation and controversy about the age issue. My previous entry was my retaliation against the ridiculous basis for accusing the Chinese gymnasts of looking too young to compete. I strongly voiced my opinion because I know what it is like to look younger than my real age. It is an unfair accusation, and with no credible proof, it is uncalled for to be making these assumptions and generalizations.

News articles that printed the girls’ ages as 13 or 14 is not exactly the best source of evidence. I have been involved in journalism, and I know for a fact that there can be a lot of misprinting and mistakes, especially if you do not check the facts. If you are going to reference an article, why not also reference the article that quotes He Kexin saying that she does not care what people say about her age because she is 16. If you are going to refer to a mere article for your proof, then it has also been proven many more times that these girls are actually old enough to compete.

It all comes down to differences in Eastern and Western culture. The Chinese government does NOT recruit “slave children” to train into Olympic athletes. Some of the athletes are recruited because their parents were great athletes. Many of these athletes are recruited because they have potential to be great, and they train from a young age because that is how it is in China.

In the United States, we parttake in various extracurriculars as children, and we grow up developing a passion for some of these activities. These are activities on the side of going to school, and for many Olympic athletes, their lives eventually become much more engrossed in their sport, but chances are, their involvement in the sport was derived from an extracurricular.

On the other hand, the Chinese are not like that because it is a difference in culture. The Olympic athletes are trained from a young age, and that is all they do: they train in one activity and go to school on the side. The schools that they attend specialize in that one skill. For example, if your parents determine that you should learn dance, you are sent to a dance school at a young age, and it is at the dance school where you spend most of your time training in your talent, but also receive a compulsory education.

Therefore, to say that the athletes have been “tortured” at a young age is a total misunderstanding. They have been specially trained at a young age, and for a lot of them, it could mean a better way of life for their families in the long run.

Also, the Chinese government is not “evil” and the Chinese people are not being oppressed. Not everyone will be happy with their government, a that includes the people of the United States. I have a lot of family in mainland China. When I first went to China in 1998, I was expecting to see extreme poverty and unhappy, suppressed people, but on the contrary, I saw happy, hospitable people. They’re not restricted from expressing their opinions like you think they are. The government does not control their every action and thoughts. The American standard of living is still higher than the Chinese, which explains the larger wealth gap apparent in China, but all in all, the Chinese people are happy with the direction that their country is heading, and no, the government did not “force” them to say that.

So before anyone else makes anymore generalizations about the Chinese government and people, just remember that your point of view no matter what country you’re from is greatly influenced by your media and politics of your respective countries. Just because a country has a different way of doing things does not make it wrong. We are raised to believe what our culture teaches us, therefore whenever we hear that something is done differently elsewhere, we assume that it is wrong.

Don’t make any assumptions about anything unless you’ve truly seen or experienced it with your own eyes and not through a secondary source like the media.

Keep an open mind. Isn’t the Olympics all about creating worldwide unity? Not controversy.


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  • 1. Joe G&hellip  | 

    i dont if you’d call this proof. but this pretty compelling stuff. check this very intersting article out w/ screen shots of chinese articles in 2007 of He Kexin (CLICK ON URL LINK if one shows) OR copy and paste

  • 2. lxy&hellip  | 

    At base, most American media coverage of China in general is driven by geopolitics not “fair and balanced journalism.” In particular, China is deemed by the USA as a “strategic competitor” (George Bush’s words) that may challenge both the USA and the West as a political rival.

    This American paranoia is the reason why you see so much Western/American media coverage engage in thinly disgused Yellow Peril hysterics about China.

    The American media coverage of China hosting the Olympics is just another example of this broader reality.

    In fact, most these manufactured controversies are so transparently obvious attempts to dig up dirt–any dirt–on China’s hosting of the Oympics that it’s kind of pathetic.

    The media handwringing over the (shock!) lip syncing or “fake” fireworks display are examples of contrived “journalism” worthy of US tabloids like the National Enquirer or Inside Edition.

    As for Bela Karolyi and his accusations of the Chinese gymnasts being too young, he does not exactly have a whole lot of credibility to begin with. He and his wife Martha have been accused by former gymnast Dominique Moceanu of abuse including slamming her head into a phone.

    “Dominique Moceanu accuses Martha and Bela Karolyi of abuse”,0,2929714,print.story

  • 3. John Smith&hellip  | 

    You are indeed a liberal. Liberals place little importance on honor. The ends justify the means. Same attitude the cheating Chinese have displayed on the world stage. No honor, no truth, just the appearance of winning. God sees into the heart. But then again liberals and the Chinese share that trait, a non belief in God.

  • 4. Scott&hellip  | 

    comment deleted for bigotry

  • 5. chouei&hellip  | 

    hey scott. clearly anything you read does not really register in your little American supremacist brain. The first thing I addressed was that I do not tolerate blatant ignorance, but you just had to go and call me “Mr. Liberal Chinc from gay San Francisco.” That just shows you how much you know. Least you could have done was learn how to spell the word “chink.” I guess I could cut you a little slack for mistaking my gender for being a dude since you’re just full of “America should rule the world” nonsense. And “gay San Francisco,” well I guess that just adds to your ignorance. If you ever go to San Francisco, I hope your eyes burn from the sights of all the gay people because all the gay & lesbian people of the world are 100 times more a person than you will ever be.

    You are definitely the epitome of an American supremacist. I feel sorry for you.

    John Smith,

    I don’t believe in God because I don’t need anyone or anything to tell me what I should do or not do in life. I tried to believe, but God never helped me when I needed it. It’s ok though. My soul doesn’t need “saving” seeing that I don’t believe in hell; I am not afraid of dying.


  • 6. Elenore&hellip  | 

    To say China isn’t evil and doesn’t oppress people is nonsense.You are clearly not a westerner or a liar or ashamed of being a Chinese American.Any news any day talks of people being oppressed.You talk of freedom to say anything as an American where is that freedom for the Chinese.I could care less about the Olympics,but as a matter of policy China does oppress it’s people asked the protesters or the Tibetans or the internet access.You are clearly the ignorant one the truth is always somewhere in the middle.By the way Americans did not invent reality T.V. it has been around Europe and Asia for yrs before America.

  • 7. chouei&hellip  | 


    Obviously you don’t read either. i am American therefore I AM a westerner. And I am not ashamed of being Chinese American seeing that I openly state how proud I am of my heritage.

    The Tibetan protesters are only a small fraction of China’s general population. I am not saying that I agree with the treatment of Tibetans in China, because I don’t. But for the most part, the Chinese are not as oppressed and unhappy as you think they are. Not every country in the world can be as “free” as the United States. Internet access limitations does have its disadvantages, but what can anyone do about that? Just because the United States does things a certain way doesn’t mean that the rest of the world will be willing to follow suit.

    And I never said that the United States invented reality television, because I already knew of it’s prior existence. I was stating that the United States is home to some of the most unrealistic “reality” shows.

    Before you make anymore assumptions, you should probably go and witness the real China for yourself.


  • 8. True&hellip  | 

    The real China is always hidden… the most recent chance to view the horrible condition of the Chinese was the earthquake… China for the first time was unable to prevent the release of clips of its country and its state…and the position they were in was not only because of the earthquake and you cant blame it on only that

  • 9. sandy&hellip  | 

    you are soo right! i am sick of nbc criticizing the Chinese and not giving the credit those chinese gymnasts when they win

  • 10. Lxy&hellip  | 

    Elenore and John Smith are classic Western/US moral supremacists. These clowns makes their war criminal leaders like George W. Bush, Tony Bliar, or John Howard seem like “Compassionate Conservatives” in comparison. LOL.

    Like most Western and American Fundamentalists, they instinctively demonize any country that opposes the West’s New World Order as “evil”–while carefully overlooking the true evil that is the United Snakes of America and its Western “democratic” allies.

    America, after all, is a European colonizer nation founded upon slavery and genocide against Africans and Native Indians respectively.

    These Western crimes are one of the greatest genocides and land thefts/occupations in human history, of which the self-styled “Land of the Free” is the misbegotten spawn.

    Today, America and its freedom-loving stooges wage genocidal wars from Korea to Vietnam to Iraq, where over 1.1 million Iraqis have been murdered by North America, Britain, Australia, and other Coalition Killers–behind the lies of spreading democracy and finding non-existent WMDs, all promoted by the Western “Free Press.”

    These Western war crimes, the American flag-wavers and patriots desperately try to sweep under the rug with pathetic “Support the Troops” ribbons and God Bless Amurika chants.

    Even inside the USA and West, these supposed democracies themselves are increasingly fascistic, as they oppress minorities like Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Arabs, Roma, and any other NON-EUROPEAN peoples.

    The USA’s Homeland Gestapo Department and the ICE are notorious for repression and human rights violations, of which the recent murder of Chinese immigrant HIU LUI NG is only the latest victim.

    Similarly, you see the rebellions of Arab minority youth in Europe (2005) and resistance from Third World immigrants throughout the West who face increasing xenophobia from these White Euro-racists.

    But all the while, these Anglo-Americans congratulate themselves as the epitome of freedom and morality no less, smugly pointing the finger at their opponents around the world!

    If this is not true evil–Western and American evil-then nothing is.

    It’s long overdue that you oh-so-pious bastards LOOK IN THE DAMN MIRROR.

    As Ghandi said when asked about what he thought of Western Civilization: “it would be a good idea”–if it existed.

  • 11. Jake&hellip  | 

    I cannot agree with you completely. There is something terribly wrong about a government that meddles in an international unity-minded Games. I lived in China for many years and know how meddling the government can be. The stark example of inhospitality and ignorance was early on when Michael Phelps was being awarded his Gold Medal for the 400m. The Chinese Olympic Committee showed the utmost disrespect for the U.S. National Anthem. Not only did the pre-recorded music cut out the first 4 notes, they repeated the first stanza a third time, rather than the normal repeat of the music, showing great ignorance of our most important symbol of musical respect. To top it all off, the Chinese rendition usurped traditional harmonies, opting instead for a cheesy, Disney-like movie soundtrack sound with inappropriate jazz harmonies AND to add insult to injury, cutting out completely the Anthem before it’s thrilling final climax, “o’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave.” Now how would it be taken if the shoe were on the other foot. Who can ever forget or forgive that?

  • 12. radioactvman&hellip  | 

    Lxy is spitting out complete Bullshit and American hatespeech why is his previous comment not being deleted? There isn’t one ounce of fact in his comment, he’s just yelling ridiculous rhetoric. How is it any different than Scott’s comment other than the fact that it doesn’t seem to offend you personally?

    Jake, I don’t know if I believe the the Chinese cut out the U.S. National Anthem on purpose just to spite us. I actually think that the Chinese are great olympic hosts. But, I definitely agree that if the shoe were on the other foot this would be completely different.

  • 13. marco&hellip  | 

    I don’t have a problem with the Chinese lip syncing or doctoring the ages of gymnasts. Just don’t tell us or assume we’re as stupid as you want us to be in the hopes we don’t see the transparent charade of their cheating. In other words, don’t pee on my leg and insist its rain.
    Besides, the discrepancy in one gymnast is one thing.
    But three??????
    Wake the hell up.

  • 14. El Scorcho&hellip  | 

    The girl who COULD sing was considered “not good-looking enough.” I don’t know anyone cannot just laugh at that. I didn’t know the opening ceremony was supposed to be a comedy show. And fake fireworks, ahahahahahahaha.

    Oh, and “newly discovered documents and records prove” that some Chinese gymnasts are indeed underage.

    People are upset for a reason. Just like anyone is when an American or another athlete tests positive for doping.

  • 15. Jay&hellip  | 

    The fact that the Chinese gymnasts set out to win and did win is really all that matters, regardless of their age. I am a caucasian, US born male who has competed extensively in athletics for many years. It’s just my opinion, but age has no place in the Olympics. Athletic competition has always been about who is better, not older or younger. Did Dara Torres have an unfair advantage because she’s older and wiser?

  • 16. Timothy&hellip  | 

    I don’t think this is a matter of race. many people, not just Americans are appalled about it no matter who does it. I hate it when the U.S. ahthletes where using steroids, although if you follow olympic history, the first time I remeber that happening was the east German Womens Swimming team , which they admitted to years later. The British track athletes where also found guilty of using steroids. . As for the Chinese womens gymnastics team, they are simply the newest one to get caught, and ironically this came up before the olympics started, by the chinese people themselves. This is because Political ambition has gotten in the way of real sport. If a sport has a rule, you must follow it to win. All Olympic compitition must adhere to that ideal, otherwise how can the olympics attempt to unify anyone.

  • 17. Lxy&hellip  | 

    AmeriNazis like Radioactivman whine and squeal like infants when their self-proclaimed Land of the Free, America, is called out as the hypocritical, self-righteouse nations of cheater and liars that they have always been.

    This boy is whining about “Hatespeech”? Waaaah! Go change your adult diapers now, punk.

    Then’s there whining about the precious American National Anthem being played “incorrectly.” Jake is crying that it sounded like a Disney soundtrack Disneyland is American McCulture in its essence. What the hell are you whining about? It’s America as apple fucking pie.

    Poor American babies. People are disrepsecting the holy, precious, santimonious Star-Spangled Bullshit.
    You want some cheese with that w(h)ine.

    The bottom line is Americans here predictably are scraping the bottom of the barrel for propaganda fodder to attack China (lip syncing, “fake” fireworks, blah, blah) OVER CONTRIVED PRETEXTS.

    Pathetic, but typically American.

    This is the same America that wages genocidal wars of aggression around the world based upon Pretexts like Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    This is just the Olympics version of this American smear campaign.

    Americans are a nation of tabloid motherfuckers. That’s why these scum love Fox News so much. A nation of 300 million Bill O’Reillys. That’s the United Snakes of America for ya.

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