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One World, One Dream

Greetings and welcome to my blog. My goal is to maintain this blog by constantly documenting my adventures abroad during my year of study in Japan and hopefully, the international adventures that will follow after this year.

Although I still have a little over a month left in the United States, I find it only appropriate to begin my blogging the day of the opening of the Summer 2008 Olympics hosted in Beijing, China. As many may already know, as a first generation Chinese-American I am proud of my Chinese heritage and proud that the country of my ancestors will be hosting the largest sporting event known to mankind.

After several trips to China, I have had firsthand experience of the Olympics craze that has spanned for the past several years and is probably about to blow through the roof in Beijing right now. All the media hype in this past year can not fully describe the true spirit of this energy surge. Imagine wandering through the streets of the major cities of China and seeing vendors at every corner selling official [and unofficial =)] Olympics merchandise. Large digital clocks stand in various landmarks of different cities in China counting down to the mere seconds of the start of the legendary Olympic games. This is their chance to show the entire world of their rapid development] after a “century of humiliation,” as Newsweek reports.

Our generation of humankind is truly blessed to be able to witness this historical set of events. And I must admit, I am extremely jealous that I can only experience this history through a television set and the Internet.



Beijing 2007

Beijing 2007

The official Olympics countdown clock and I in July 2007. Right now, the clock should be counting down to the mere hours before the start of the games!!


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