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I Am Thankful

As it is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, I feel that although I am 6,000 miles from home, I should still reflect on my blessings of this year…

I am thankful for my family, who is always concerned about me; who always awaits for my newest updates of my Japan adventures; who will spend the money and effort to ship me clothes, an 18-pack of Orbitz gum, and a bottle of my favorite hot sauce.

Sriracha & Me

Sriracha & Me


I am thankful for my friends who, despite our busy schedules, try to keep in touch with me despite the geographical distance and 17-hour time difference; who keep me updated with all the happenings at home; who will flood my Japanese mobile phone with e-mails thus raking up my first phone bill.






I am thankful for my fellow JOY-ers & new friends, who have helped make Japan my new home; who have given me a wider understanding of the world; who accompany me on random all-night outings; who allow me to vent to them when I have noone else to vent to; who will create new Japan-glish words; who will fill my mind with へんたいthoughts; who will learn to love Jose Cuervo-sama with me; who consistently make me laugh and keep me 元気.


Another Long Crazy Night


I am thankful for the internet, which allows me to keep in contact with the people I love.

I am thankful for my small Japanese room because it disciplines me into being a much more tidy person.

I am thankful for the 40-minute subway/walk commute because it forces me to be better prepared for the day ahead and gives me a work out.

I am thankful for Japanese convenient stores that sell legitimate meals so that I do not have to cook all the time.

Happy Thanksgiving! Although my Thanksgiving day could have been better here in Japan [midterm failure, lack of sleep, rain rain rain, cold cold cold, another midterm tomorrow, being away from San Francisco, no more mashed potatoes at cooking club =P], I still count my blessings. The good definitely outweighs the bad.


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