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You Disappoint Me, California

Before I begin on my latest and hopefully final political rant for the time being, I must express my glee in Obama’s victory. After a long and disappointing 8 years, the Democratic party has finally gained control of the top office. Almost all news stories that I have been reading describe this event as a momentous part in American history with President-elect Barack Obama being our first African-American president. As momentous as that this is, let it not be forgotten that this is not the only reason why today such an important day in our history.

Obama is a representation of the new generation of leaders. He marks the waning end of the Baby-Boomer rule, and the beginning of a new type of leadership that the United States and the world will experience. I hold him to his promise to bring the change that we desperately need.

This year’s election has also been a momentous one for the people of my generation. Some people are voting for the first time, and others, like myself, have never been more involved in any election ever before. Though this may not be a very convincing sample, I was scrolling through my Facebook friends’ updated statuses, and I was so proud to see so many of my peers actively involved in this year’s election. Whether they sided with my views or not did not matter to me that much; it was so empowering to see the change in our mindsets: we CAN make a difference and our opinions do matter.

Now, on to the bad news. It saddens me to see that over half of California voters prefer hate over LOVE. They are not willing to accept the changing time, and as a result, they have voted to ban same-sex marriage in our state. I try to look toward the brighter side of things, especially if I am rooting for the underdog. Although 52% of California voters are against LOVE and promoting a basic civil right that should be entitled to all Americans, I know for a fact that this will not be the end of it. As I have already stated before, I will not stay quiet until this basic human right passes through to the rest of my country.

On an ending note, though I can’t believe that I am actually wasting a few minutes of my life writing this, if you don’t appreciate what I have to say, that’s fine. Comment all you want. Just remember. This is MY blog and these are MY words. Therefore, I can monitor the content to my liking as much as I wish. I consider myself to be rather fair, but the more hateful, immature comments you try to leave here, the less inclined I am to approve them.

Change is coming. Just you watch.

V^.^v & ❤


3 comments November 5, 2008

NO on Proposition 8

I know I should be writing about my experiences abroad, and I really do want to, but this matter seems to be far more urgent as the clock winds down upon November 4.

When I think of the United States, I think of freedom, as does anyone, right? Our country is the “land of the free,” where we can openly speak our minds, openly practice religion, and openly accept people regardless of their backgrounds. We pride our country in being one that supposedly does not discriminate against anyone. Although we have met our rough patches throughout our history, as our history continues, we should be striving toward fighting for our fundamental beliefs.

It is such hypocrisy that my fellow Americans, no, my fellow CALIFORNIANS from one of the most liberal states in the U.S., would support a ridiculous proposition that goes completely against our country’s fundamental beliefs. Proposition 8 is unjust in every aspect as it is based solely on religious preference. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the U.S. supposed to be about religious freedom? Is it not true that we pride ourselves in being a country that does not discriminate against anyone?

Then why, why, WHY is Proposition 8 even on the ballot? Why are people spending money supporting this proposition, when all it will do is create more injustice in our nation? Are homosexuals evil people? If you answer yes, then tell me, what have they done to you? Have they been running around like you have, trying to convince you that heterosexuality is wrong? Other than their sexual preference, how are they different from you? They eat. They sleep. And they LOVE.

LOVE! Isn’t that what God supposedly stands for? Yet it is “God’s people” who are imposing this gross injustice upon their fellow Americans. From what I learned in school, God loves and accepts everyone for who they are. So shouldn’t “God’s people” be following in his example?

Times are changing, and people of the past need to open their eyes and see that Proposition 8 will not do any good for our country except take us back several steps. Even if Proposition 8 passes, this will not be the end of it. I can assure you that as long as I have my freedom of speech, I will not stop fighting for the fundamental right to love and marry. I am not homosexual myself, but there have been so many gays and lesbians who have influenced my life positively. To think that these beautiful people could have their fundamental right to marry for LOVE taken away by ignorant voters scares me.

This is about equality for all Americans.

If you have any sense of pride in being an American, and any love for your fellow citizens, you would vote NO on Proposition 8.



1 comment October 22, 2008

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